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Certified SAGA Member Guides

Giorgi Gvishiani
  • Phone: 599548496
  • Email: gvisho@rambler.ru
  • Location: Tbilisi
  • Tour Destinations: Tbilisi, Guria, Imereti, Inner Kartli, Kakheti, Khevi, Lower Kartli, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Samtskhe-Javakheti
  • Spheres: Cultural and Heritage, Piligrimage
  • Special Services: Airport Pick-Up/Drop-Off, Private Tours, Group Tours, Walking tours
  • Short Description: Giorgi is highly qualified and experienced guide.He has experience working with international tourists and organises special tours in areas with historical and natural monuments in various regions of Georgia.Giorgi’s tours are always educational and entertaining! He has a history of successful cultural, city and mixed tours in Eastern and Southern regions of Georgia, as well as the mountainous regions of western Georgia. Giorgi’s Tbilisi City Tours for Tbilisi are especially famous!
Giorgi Gurjidze
English, Russian
  • Phone: 593575255
  • Email: giorgigurjidze@gmail.com
  • Location: Tbilisi
  • Tour Destinations: Tbilisi, Ajara, Imereti, Inner Kartli, Kakheti, Khevi, Khevsureti, Lower Svaneti, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Racha, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Tusheti, Upper Svaneti
  • Spheres: Agriculture, Archeology, Cultural and Heritage
  • Special Services: Airport Pick-Up/Drop-Off, Bicycle tours, Horse tours, Private tours, Group Tours, Walking Tours
  • Short Description: Giorgi is an excellent mountain and cultural tour guide throughout the mountainous regions of Georgia! He has extensive knowledge of Georgian history, geography, mountain trails and nature. Giorgi is truly a unique guide due to his ability to organise horse and bike tours for tourists. He frequently organises tours in areas with historical and natural monuments  and is best known throughout the country for his mountain tours!
Dali Chitishvili
  • Phone: 555393984
  • Email: dadu_11_dadu@yahoo.com
  • Location: Tbilisi
  • Tour Destinations: Tbilisi, Imereti, Inner Kartli, Kakheti, Khevi, Lower Kartli, Mtskheta-Mtianeti, Racha, Samtskhe-Javakheti
  • Spheres: Cultural & Heritage,Piligrimage, Wine Tours
  • Special Services: Airport Pick-Up/Drop-Off, Private Tours, Walking Tours
  • Short Description: Dali specialises in cultural and historical tours. She has extensive knowledge of most of the tourist routes in Georgia and extensive experience in tour guiding.  Dali organises tours in Tbilisi and the the Eastern Georgian regions of Inner Kartli, Kvemo Kartli, Kakheti and Mtskheta-Mtianeti, specifically the UNESCO heritage sites of Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Jvari Church. Her tours to Vardzia, Sapara and other locations of Samtkhe-javakheti region as well as Kazbegi are also popular.  Dali also  guides in the western regions of Imereti and Racha. There her tours cover popular tourist destinations such as the Gelati monastery, Bagrati Cathedral, Motsameta, Sataplia natural reserve and Kutaisi city centre. Dali is well known throughout the country for her Pilgrimage Tours!  Dali holds national certificate in tourist guiding from Georgian Association of Guides and international certificate from the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associaions. In 2011 she has become a professional trainer of tourist guides in Georgia and the member of the Boad of Directors of Georgian Association fo Guides. Dali is National Tourist Guide Trainer acredited by the World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations.
Maia Paghava
English, Russian
  • Phone: 593981210
  • Email: mpaghava@yahoo.com
  • Location: Batumi
  • Tour Destinations:  Ajara
  • Spheres: Cultural and Heritage Tours, Gastronmic Tours
  • Special Services: Airport Pick-Up/Drop-off, Individual Tours, Walkng Tours
  • Short Description: Maya is a professional guide specializing in tours in Batumi and the Ajara region. Tourists enjoy her bright personality and the enthusiasm with which she conducts her tours!
Natia Tikaradze
  • Phone: 558340461
  • Email: natisixarulo@yahoo.com
  • Location: Tbilisi
  • Spheres: Cultural and Heritage Tours, Group Tours
  • Special Services: Airport Pick-up/Drop-off, Individual Tours, Walking Tours
  • Short Description: Natia is a knowledgeable guide that enjoys showing tourists the best sights of Tbilisi as well as other popular regions throughout the country. Tourists appreciate her ability to create specialized tours just for them. She’s a popular guide around the area and known for her interesting tours and bright personality!
Natia Didia
Russian, German
  • Phone: 557337971
  • Email: ndidia@web.de
  • Spheres: Cultural and Heritage Tours
  • Special Services: Bicycle Tours, Horse Tours, Private Tours, Walking Tours
  • Short Description: Natia gives tours in Batumi and the surrounding Ajara region. She’s an excellent guide and her tourists always enjoy her thoughtfully planned and interesting tours! In addition to city tours, Natia guides tours into the mountainous and rural regions of the country.
Irina Baramidze
  • Phone: 593937132
  • Email: irabar2002@mail.ru
  • Spheres: Cultural and Heritage Tours, Gastronomic Tours, Architectual Tours, Pilgrimage, Wine Tours
  • Special Services: Airport pick-up/drop-off, group tours, individual tours, walking tours, group tours
  • Short Description: Irina is a professional guide that organizes tours throughout Georgia. Her tourists always enjoy her warm personality and sense of humor as she shares Georgian history and culture with them. She’s a very knowledeable and friendly guide!
Dali Davitashvili
  • Phone: 599633121
  • Email: –
  • Spheres: Cultural and Heritage Tours, Pilgrimage, Gastronomic Tours, Artchitecture
  • Special Services: Airport Pick-up/Drop-off, Walking Tours, Group Tours
  • Short Description: Dali is an experienced guide specializing in Pilgrimage and Cultural and Heritage tours throughout the country. She organizes tours throughout the country and tourists are always impressed by her wealth of knowledge of Georgian history and culture.
Marika Natsvlishvili
English, German
  • Phone: 595166184
  • Emailmarikanatsvlishvili@yahoo.com
  • Spheres: Cultural and Heritage
  • Special Services: Airport Pick-Up/Drop-Off, Private tours, Group Tours, Walking tours
  • Short Description: Marika is an excellent guide in Tbilisi and the Eastern region of Georgia. Additionally she offers personalized tours throughout the country. She guides tourists to the most beautiful and interesting sites in the region, making any visit to Georgia a very pleasant memorable one!
Malkhaz Spanderashvili
  • Phone: 599723321
  • Email: makhotours@yahoo.com
  • Spheres: Architecturual Tours, Cultural and Heritage Tours, Pilgrimage, & Wine Tours
  • Special Services: Private Car, Airport Pick-Up/Drop-Off, Bicycle tours, Group Tours, Walking tours
  • Short Description: Makho offers tourists comfortable Day Tours in a private minivan throughout Georgia. He’s passionate about world history and culture, and extermely knowledagable about Georgian history, culture, and society.  Tourists will undoubtedly have a wonderful time letting Makho guide them through Tbilisi and the surrounding areas!
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Monthly Seminars – June 2016

In spite of a highly active season, we’re so pleased that our association members still find time to attend our monthly seminars! In June, SAGA in cooperation with Georgian National Library hosted a seminar about local Georgian grape varieties and traditional Georgian viticulture, which was lead by Nikoloz Natroshvili (Head of Alco-laboratory in GWS wine factory).

Of course, it is almost impossible to imagine a seminar about wine without wine-tasting! So,  after Mr. Natroshvili’s theoretical introduction, participants tasted a 4 varieties of brand new Georgian wine called “Vismino”.

Don’t forget, that wine-tourism season is about to come, so get ready!  You will have a lot of opportunities to receive more information about wine from SAGA’s monthly seminars!

Monthly Seminars – July 2016

What makes Georgia so special?.. –Most commonly the answers are wine, cuisine, cultural heritage, traditions and landscape. Of course – Landscape!

An incredible part of Georgia’s Landscape are its caves. The study of caves in Georgia, scientifically known as Speleology, was topic of our monthly seminars in July!

Information and potential for discovering beautiful and ancient caves in Georgia were presented by Nikoloz Tushabramishvili. Professor in Ilia State University.

Especially interesting was the presentation of Mr. Tushabramishvili’s personal discoveries.

Due to our summer vacation in August, our next monthly seminar will be held on September 14th. So get ready! We will be back with a lot of interesting topics for you!

GAB – Guiding As a Business

10 Member Guides of the Georgian Association of Guides took part and successfully completed the Peace Corps USAID funded Small Assistance Project Grant ‘Guiding as a Business’ on July 12, 2016. This project was a 4 week long intensive training program that focused on improving the business planning, project management, and marketing skills of the 10 trainees. The trainees attended sessions focused on these topic areas and then used this knowledge to work in groups to create 4 new tours in the Tbilisi area. The team project included tour design, pricing, promotion and feedback. It was a great learning experience and success for everyone that took part. A big THANK YOU to everyone involved in the planning and participation of the project!

Weren’t able to participate? Good news! The training videos taken during the ‘Guiding as a Business’ Project are available to all members of the association within the ‘Members Only’ area of our website!


Founded in 2010 and a member of both the World Federation of Tourist Guide Association (WFTGA) and Federation of European Tourist Guide Associations (FEG), The Georgian Association of Guides supports certified professional tourist guides working throughout Georgia. The association provides professional development, networking, and training opportunities for its members, connects its members with the wider tourism industry, and cooperates with the Georgian National Tourism Administration and International Partners to promote and strengthen the tourist guide profession in Georgia.

SAGA Guides’ Areas of Expertise & Development


Evidence dating back 8000 years shows that Georgians were the first and oldest civilization to produce wine!

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Georgia’s mountainous, Mediterranean, and fertile landscape offers a diverse array of extreme sports.

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Georgia is at the crossroad of the silk road. A mix of early civilizations have left an eclectic combination of architecture, monuments, and sights in Georgian cities.

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Georgia has survived numerous invasions throughout its history, leaving behind a rich cultural heritage & enduring spirit that can still be seen, tasted, and felt today!

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Influenced by time & history. The richness of Georgian cuisine is known throughout the world and is an unforgettable part of anyone’s experience in Georgia!

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Home to the 2nd highest mountain in Europe, Georgia’s mountains offer plenty to do for the winter enthusiasts!

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